The principal director of the company is Nicholas Belt, who is a fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents. He has spent all of his working life, some 34 years being actively involved in valuing and selling property in the Bridlington and district area.

The company was formed originally as Central Estate Agency Ltd. in 1964 and changed the name in 1984 to Nicholas Belt (Estate Agency) Ltd. One of the main company policies has always been to offer buyers and sellers extensive local knowledge about the property market.

Thirty four years on, the principal director still inspects every single property that is offered for sale by the company. All the staff have extensive experience in the local property market.

A well established company, members of the leading professional body of estate Agents in the U.K,complying to a strict code of conduct. Surely nothing less will do to sell one of your most valuable assets.

We feel that to sell a property successfully today, we need to look at ourselves as being a central bank for information and expertise. Our town centre offices are the starting point for thousands of buyers to contact us whether by telephone, fax, e-mail, post, Internet or via the front door on foot!

In fact they can even contact us via any of over 900 other Estate Agency offices in the UK and abroad via National Homelink, yet another source of finding buyers. We have one local office yet around 50% of all sales are to buyers from elsewhere in the United Kingdom, some even out of the country.